NO.1 S3 SmartWatch, is the new device from NO.1, specialist in outdoor smartphones and wearables, a SmartWatch with telephony function on the market. Is equipped with its own SIM card, so this means it is possible to call without a smartphone with perfect quality. Surprisingly good is the quality of the built-in microphone and speaker. Understandably, is the way we select numberss at the smartwatch, but doable with a little practice without any problems. In addition, by synchronizing the smartphone phonebook with the S3 we have direct access to all contacts stored locally. All calls are logged and stored. The NO.1 S3 SmartWatch supports the network standards GSM 859/900/1800 and 1900MHz.
s3aAnother highlight: via Micro SD card (max. 16GB), the extended memory can be accessed via the file manager. The internal memory is 128MB, incidentally, “great”.
With the built-video player, image viewer and file manager it is possible to play music from the memory card or view photos and videos. The reproduction of the stored media works equally without jerking, as you can see on my video at end of article.


The NO.1 S3 is powered by a MTK2502 SoC, who in conjunction with the 1.22″ HD IPS display with 240 × 240 pixel resolution and a removable 350mAh battery that can power it for 2-3 days.

After removal of the 350mAh battery we will see the slot for Micro SD card and SIM card. A top solution in my opinion!


Of course the usual features such the recreational athlete pedometer, sleep tracker and heart rate monitor are installed. The heart rate monitor is not installed in the back of the clock, but cleverly placed in the strap laterally in the optimum position for the measurement. After the completion of activities and collection of data on the S3, the results can be synchronized with the Smartphone. For professional sports the SmartWatch S3 is less suitable: Although the leather strap looks fancy, but for the ambitious athlete, it is rather unsuitable. The spring bar could detach or tear the leather in case of excessive load. And replacing the bracelet, because the heart rate monitor is housed there, isn´t simple and almost impossible.

An exceptional feature should be mentioned: a UV radiation measurement. After a few seconds of measurement the installed application of UV radiation intensity is displayed:


Personal taste, the design and conduct of the clock to be adjusted, inter alia, by selecting various dials or digital time displays; through 3 different themes or for example, activating the motion controller to the time display.
stopwatch, calendar, alarm, calculator and sound recorder are more installed functions.
In addition to music playback from internal memory, as previously reported, the music playback from the paired phone is possible.
An equally nice gimmick : the camera of smartphones coupled can be controlled remotely.
s3hI have paired and tested the NO.1 S3 SmartWatch with several smartphones. A stable Bluetooth connection is always set up and the display of messages and messages worked perfectly. To synchronize the NO.1 S3 with the Smartphone we have to use the China app called Fundo Wear installed (Version 2.7.2 Current). The app can be found in Google Play. On the clock, a bar code is stored which leads you to the Chinese website has to Fundo Wear to download. (Not to be recommended as several Android version available).

fundo1Furthermore you need the app BT Notification from the Google Play.
In this app you lay the apps which are allowed to send messages and announcements to the clock.


The app Fundo Wear has to be enabled to see news and announcements on the NO.1 S3. In the smartphone the app Fundo Wear  has to be enabled in the “Settings” under “Universal Access”.
Similarly, under “Sound & alerts” – to activate the “notification” and in this folder under “Alert Access” app Fundo Wear to access the alerts will be received.
After a restart of the smartphone and the NO.1 S3 are both coupled and synchronized on demand recorded sports or health data. After successful synchronization, the recorded values ​​from the pedometer app, the sleep monitor or the heart rate measurement in the app Fundo Wear  will be available in the smartphone.

The NO.1 S3 SmartWatch is an excellently crafted device with extensive software and reliable technology. The round IPS display intense colors, fonts are sharp and clear to read. A pity is that the display image is not the complete “round” , but the lower part remains black. Optimal dissolved is the placement of the heart rate monitor, which delivers results quickly.
Those looking for a stylish, reliable SmartWatch with excellent software and extensive functions, should consider the NO.1 S3. It is suitable not only for sports activities, but also ideal for leisure and office.

Here you can watch my unboxing and hands-on video:

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