Today we received news updates from Zeblaze about their newest smartwatch Blitz.
Of course we will keep you updated:


  1. Zeblaze Blitz provides you with real skin-friendly materials, such as detailed sporty design, tough body, firm and wearable body made of cold forging stainless steel 316#, polycarbonate plastic housing, non-allergenic and double-colorinjection watchband.
  2. Zeblaze Blitz displays in the form of 360°plain circle without dead corner, in which the screen-to-body ratio reaches up to 93.6%, and the product based on semi-reflecting and semi-transmitting display screen does not fear outdoor strong light.
  3. Zeblaze Blitz is equipped with MTK 6580 Quad-Core processor having double performance, wherein principal frequency is 1.3GHz, Mali-400 GPU, and internal storage is 512MB+4GB.

We will receive the Blitz for a full review soon and be back with all facts! Stay tuned!

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