NO1 released a video where we can see how could be the daily life with smartwatch NO.1 D6.

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In this video we can see the Health monitoring functions beeing used in a normal day.


The gps navigation is quick and easy to activate so we can use it without effort. In this video we will see how easy and quick is the use of this gps feature.

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We can also answer or call using the smartwatch NO1 D6 and NO1 showed us how it work in this video.

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If we want to use a sim card with this smartwatch, we can see in this video how we should do it.

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This watch is perfect to check the weather forecast or the present weather conditions.

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With all sensors that NO1 D6 you can track really well all your sport activities or simply your daily steps.
You can also use it to visit any website on internet, social network or simply watch a video.

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With all the buzz for the latest viral game Pokemon Go, you can also play it with your NO.1 D6. Leonardo Bellizzi from the italian blog explained in a video how you can play Pokemon Go with your NO.1 D6 smartwatch.

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