The Chinese producer Zeblaze, previously specialist Waterproof Sports Cameras, released two models Rover and Crystal to conquer the SmartWatch market.
All in all, with the Rover, Zeblaze affordable SmartWatch full of useful features. However, the most important aspect in my opinion for Rover, besides the functionalities is its aesthetics, it´s noble appearance and high quality workmanship:

r6vNo black plastic pad crammed with features, but a beautiful picture, waterproof SmartWatch – that’s the Rover. It finds its place in the office, at leisure and in all sporting activities.



Technically, the Rover is still the first choice, you can get the Rover at Gearbest already for less than 30 € at: Link to the shop

I’d like to introduce the new model of Zeblaze: Crystal.
Zeblaze used in the Crystal, a 1.54 inches display with TP3D curved glass with a 240 × 240 HD resolution, in the middle with a height of only 1.2 mm.
As a result, a viewing angle of 150 ° guarantees, without having to move the wrist.


The unique curved surface of Crystal wrist better and brings a more comfortable feel.
The Crystal is very elegant and unique, what you think:


The ease of operation is ensured by a special material on the surface. As Zeblaze posted: “pure as a crystal and mild like jade, for an optimum operation feeling” in a special procedure, the two-tone body in injection molding technology was made ​​with CNC machines worked a perfect fit. The Crystal got the latest MTK2502 unit with a larger memory, lower power consumption and higher working speed.

Crystal has an Heart Rate Monitor, and you can use a called Fundo Wear with it.



For the Crystal, ZEBLAZE used a speaker with better sound in the low and high frequencies.
The Crystal is waterproof IP65 certified and dustproof.  Ideal for any sports activities and is available in 2 colors: silver or gold, with matching black or white, high-grade leather strap.

Crystal firmware implements Bluetooth PBAP profile, the handsfree profile, A2DP, AVRCP and SPP.

I can confirm the promised optimal operating feel: touching Crystal follows each finger movement and the installed apps.
On one of the 7 installed dials, for example, next time, day and date for a further 2 buttons for direct call to the keypad and the synced contacts displayed.
With a mop, I am in the main menu and can go up and down call up the individual apps there.


Besides the usual apps like calculator, stopwatch, phone book, dialer, calendar and alarm – which, I am sure, require no further explanation I find here also the “sports apps,” on which I’ll discuss in more detail.


The pedometer: displays the steps taken as well as the calories consumed.


Sleep Monitor: recording of monitoring must be actively started; later history values ​​can be queried.

Seated reminder: nice gimmick in my opinion, because after an active preset time you will hear a signal reminding you to move again.

Heart rate: the viewing of the current heart rate is done by pressing a button and will be saved. And can be queried later in options.


The app find my device beeps on my smartphone, so I can find it quickly.

A few nice remote control functions have also been implemented:
I can call the smartphone camera and remotely control, play music and record voice or music.


Finally, I mention the file manager to access the internal memory and  control app for the Bluetooth connection and general settings.

Ah yes, the optics can change as already mentioned there are 7 different dials and 2 design themes to choose from.


To display messages and notifications,  on the smartphone in the “Settings” under “Universal Access”, the app Fundo Wear be enabled.
Similarly, under “Sound & alerts” – to activate the “Notification” and in this folder under “Alert Access” app Fundo Wear to access the alerts will be received.
After a restart of the smartphone and the Crystal are both coupled and synchronized on request.

After successful synchronization, the recorded values ​​from the pedometer app, the sleep monitor or the heart rate measurement in the App Fundo Wear standing on the smartphone available.



Did you like the Zeblaze Rover and  Zeblaze Crystal?
They have an excellent price-performance ratio.
For just over 50 € you can get the Crystal at Gearbest: Link to the shop

For me, the manufacturer Zeblaze, is one of the most innovative SmartWatch providers currently. Both models, Rover and Crystal work like what is expected. The build quality is top, the displays of both models are excellent and the synchronization Watch / Phone works just as reliably.
Only the remote control of the camera at the Crystal does not work reliably, here will certainly can be improved.


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