Like many other vendors UleFone also follows the trend, in addition to smartphones in all variations now has released a SmartWatch.
So here it is, the first wearable of UleFone called uWear.
(Named, incidentally, were all “Ulefans” that in a raffle proposals were allowed to leave for the name. The decision was made ​​there for the name uWear)

uw1 UleFone  provides the uWear with an elastomer Armband.

uw2The target group for UleFone is all ambitious athletes and techies who value comprehensive tracking apps and a great fit for any occasion. The shape of uWear and optimally adapted elastomer Sports Armband, will fit really perfect.


The body is made ​​clean. They combined a stainless steel body with a Ceramic rear and a 2.5D Arc touchscreen.

A completely successful combination of individual materials, chic, easy to operate and durable. A further advantage: the uWear is IP65 certified as waterproof.
Only the cover of the USB charging socket is not optimally managed. It is connected by a plastic fuse fixed to the body and it is something “fiddly” insert the USB cable.

Like many other current smartwatches uWear connects via Bluetooth with the appFundoWear; for the transmission of messages and notifications, the app is BT Notification installed. The transmission and the sync of the recorded data is reliable.


Also interesting is the price:
Gearbest offers the uWear for about 26 €: Link to the shop
After extensive testing in the near future more about the uWear here with us.



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