NO.1 published a video where we can see their NO.1 F2 SmartWatch in a water test for 30 minutes.

After passing 30 minutes, NO.1 F2 is working without any problem. This just confirm that this device is really waterproof and the IP68 is completely true.

This NO.1 F2 bracelet has a 550mAh battery allowing a standby time of about 1 year.

Here is the full video:



Some pictures of a green NO.1 F2 SmartWatch Band:



Here are the complete specifications of NO.1 F2 SmartWatch:

Product Overview
Model NO.1  F2 Smartwatch Bracelet
Platform German Dialog DA14580 (the world’s lowest power ring chip)
Product Modeling Smartwatch Bracelet
Bluetooth Push Support (Caller, SMS Messenger, app news reminders)
Pedometer Support (Exercise step, calorie consumption, movement mileage record)
Screen display Always on display
Sleep Monitoring Support
Altitude Support (Work while connecting smartphone app)
Air pressure Support (Work while connecting smartphone app)
UV radiation Support (Work while connecting smartphone app)
Temperature Support (Work while connecting smartphone app)
Call alert Support
Bluetooth Features and Versions Bluetooth 4.0
Waterproof IP68 waterproof (waterproof in 30 meter)
Battery 550mAh battery; standby time about 1 year
Strap Environmental Silicone Strap
Green Products CE Recognition Qualified
Main Screen 1.1 inch  Round display
Color Black, Blue, Green
Machine Reference Dimension 62*56*16.8mm
Package Size 98*98*79mm
machine weight 80g



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